Cheese Course for One


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We have realized that sometimes you may not want a whole block of cheese and maybe a taste of a few.

In this Cheese Course for one, we have pre-selected three 100g portions of cheese for you to enjoy over the course of an evening or a few days. If you select more than one for the quantity for this option, you will receive a larger quantity of each of the three. We will cut larger pieces of each cheese. You will not receive multiple variations or multiple pieces.


Brigid’s Brie

Tommes aux Pommes

Lindsay Goat Cheddar


*No special requests’- these are predetermined packages. If you are not interested in a cheese in the kit, we invite you to individually select your cheese. We’re trying to make the selection process easier for you!


We would like to suggest that you check out our ‘Accompaniment Selections’. This selection is meant to compliment your cheese selection with a local preserve, crackers or fresh bread, and maybe a little something sweet! We really want make this weekend easy and fabulous for you!

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