Chateau de Bourgogne Triple Cream


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The Chateau De Bourgogne Cheese is a very rich, creamy, buttery triple creme from Burgundy. A decadent cheese to spread on a baguette or cracker. Serve with a fruit jelly and a glass of champagne. 200g

3 reviews for Chateau de Bourgogne Triple Cream

  1. ERMEHGERD! This cheese is amazing! Insanely creamy and the flavour has just the right amount of strength. A piece of rye toast with jam topped with this cheese is the perfect breakfast. Cheese on top of the jam to prevent it from melting too much. Like to use blueberry jam or the Ambrosia jam from Zone 6.

    Colin (verified owner)

  2. This cheese is definitely a keeper very creamy very good on a cheese board

    Pauline Adebayo

  3. Fabulous

    Ellen F

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