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It’s Pretty Cheesy….but someone has to do it!

The Cheese Club

What ever happened to fresh milk and bread delivered to your door step in the morning? Well, we are looking to bring that back, well not the milk and bread but the concept!  The Cheese Bar would like to offer you the opportunity to have Local Artisanal Cheese delivered to your front door or to your workplace once a month.  Spoil yourself, a friend, a spouse or a family member with fresh local artisanal cheese and join us as we bring back the friendly, personal touch that small businesses were once known for and communities thrived on.


How it works

  • We showcase various producers’ types of cheese for you each month ensuring that over a 12-month period you will have sampled 36 different types of cheese from across Canada. Try it out once, or continue to receive it monthly!
  • We offer free pick up in the store
  • Delivery/Shipping charges included in cost for (Ontario & Quebec)
  • We offer 1-3 day shipping, across Ontario, Quebec, Eastern Canada* & Western Canada*
  • *Shipping to Eastern Canada & Western Canada is available but orders must be placed over the phone or via email. Please call for details
  • Shipments and deliveries go out the first week of each month.
  • ***Please note*** When checking out shipping is included in the total for the subscription selected. 1 month options are only available for pick up in store. If you would like The Cheese Club shipped to Eastern or Western Canada, please call or email for details.


  • Just Cheese Please$51.98 per month includes shipping monthly within Ontario & Quebec- Includes three types of Canadian cheese (min. 450g of cheese per month)
  • Pretty Cheesy$64.98 per month includes shipping monthly within Ontario & Quebec- Includes three types of Canadian cheese, a locally made preserve and a box of crackers
  • The Ultimate Kit$76.98 per month includes shipping– Includes three types of Canadian cheese, a locally made preserve, a box of crackers and a cured meat.

    BE SURE TO SELECT- ‘The Cheese Club 1-3day’ when checking out to secure your free delivery!

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  1. The boxes were a gift to my mother and father in law and those two are all about receiving “experiences” as gifts because, as they say, a lot of material items can weigh you down in life; however, on account of the pandemic and further lockdowns looming in our midst, concerts and sky-diving were off the table. To our surprise, the cheese boxes were an experience on their own. We were so excited to open, share, and read up all about the farms around eastern Ontario that are working with you to distribute. The selections were absolutely delicious. Thank you for sending such wonderful packages!

    From SB

    S B

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