Garlic & Chive


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Garlic & Chive flavoured cow’s milk semi soft cheese

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Do you like loads of flavour? This is the original Oxford’s Harvest cheese from Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese Co. A hand crafted Swiss cheese called Mutchli. It is a mild creamy cheese, developing its lightly lactic and buttery flavors after only six weeks of aging. Aged on cedar wood planks adds a robust flavour. All of the milk used comes from the family dairy farm. This is our Oxford’s Harvest original cheese made with ample flakes of garlic and chives to give it a rich and lasting flavour.  A very approachable, easy eating cheese for all ages. We invite you to serve this cheese on its own or to try melting it in a grilled cheese.


1 review for Garlic & Chive

  1. This was one of the three cheeses I received in my first monthly cheese Bar subscription ,. It has a wonderful flavour. Strong but not overpowering.

    Dianne Wellman

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