Beef Biltong- Florence Meats

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Biltong is a traditional South African protein snack. It is cut from whole muscle and is seasoned with a blend of fresh spices. Unlike jerky, this product is not smoked but air-dried to give it its unique flavour.

Biltong, by Florence Meats, is made with premium Ontario Beef and their own combination of pure spices. It is a healthy, high protein snack, perfect for low carb and paleo lifestyles. It is a ready-to-eat, convenient snack. Bring it with you on any outdoor activities such as golfing, camping, fishing or even take it camping. It is a delicious accompaniment to wine and beer and enhances classic dishes such as charcuterie boards, pizza, flatbreads, crostini and scones.

***Biltong is available to Ontario residents only***



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