Honey Bee Ham

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We Require a minimum of 72hrs notice for all ham!

Minimum 1 week before Christmas or any holidays.

Price is 11.99/lb. for whole hams & 16.99/lb for 1lb sliced portions.

Simply select the size you would like today and you will pay in store upon pick up or provide credit card over the phone if this is for delivery. Once we receive the ham as weight and price varies from one to the other.


Spiral Sliced And Honey Glazed

Perfected from the start, back in 1983, our traditional recipes have gone unchanged over the years. Our hams go through a temperature-controlled hickory smoke process that takes up to 30 hours to get those delicious flavours people have come to love. We also use a rare torch-glaze process that involves a unique blend of spices and honey.

All our hams come spiral sliced, making meal preparation and serving an absolute delight for you at home. Many people also ask us to take it one step further and cut the meat to the bone with our unique slicing method. In case you’re interested in learning how, copy the link below for a video on how to cut a ham!



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