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Welcome Delta Chi MAIN CAMPUS

Family & Friends……

Thank you all for your orders! The fundraiser is now CLOSED.

Pick will be on Tuesday, December 12th at the Main Campus in the afternoon.



Brigid’s Brie (A)

Our most popular Brie in store! A soft surface ripened cheese by Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese Co. made with cow’s milk  the family farm. This brie is free of stabilizers and preservatives and thus sold with a ‘best between’ date for your enjoyment. Each batch is aged six weeks and is delicately handled to preserve it’s creamy centre. Best enjoyed on it’s own or with a flavoured jelly such as red pepper jelly.

Garlic & Chive (B)

Do you like loads of flavour? This is the original Oxford’s Harvest cheese from Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese Co. A hand crafted Swiss cheese called Mutchli. It is a mild creamy cheese, developing its lightly lactic and buttery flavors after only six weeks of aging. Aged on cedar wood planks adds a robust flavour. All of the milk used comes from the family dairy farm. This is our Oxford’s Harvest original cheese made with ample flakes of garlic and chives to give it a rich and lasting flavour.  A very approachable, easy eating cheese for all ages. We invite you to serve this cheese on its own or to try melting it in a grilled cheese.

Tipsy (C)

This is a hand crafted cow’s milk cheese that is modeled after a little known Swiss cheese called Mutchli. It is a mild creamy cheese with buttery flavours. It is first soaked for four days in red wine from Palatine Hills Winery in Niagara-On-The-Lake and then continues to age for three months.

Five Brothers (D)

Five Brothers is a hand crafted washed rind cow’s milk cheese.  It combines traits from Gouda and another Swiss variety called Appenzeller. Available at 8 months old. Aged on cedar wood planks which adds robust flavors to the cheese. It has creamy and rich flavors with sweeter overtones and distinctive eyes throughout the body of the cheese. Produced by Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese Co. in Woodstock, ON. All of the milk used comes from the family dairy farm. Pair your cheese with a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc and also Pilsner beer.

Handeck (E)

This is a hand crafted washed rind cow’s milk cheese from Woodstock, Ontario. Produced using the same methods as a typical Swiss mountain style cheese. It is available at 24 months. Handeck is aged on cedar wood planks giving a robust, rich taste with nutty overtones. All of the milk used comes from the family dairy farm. Pair this cheese with a Pinot Noir or a dark roasted beer.

Hot Chili Havarti (F)

A true artisan take on a Danish-inspired classic! Made from 100% single source farmstead goat’s milk. This unique flavour of Goat Cheese Havarti is made with real hot chili peppers, with just enough kick to remember it. A semi-firm goat cheese with a nice kick on the end.

Cranberry Havarti (G)

Made in Ontario with 100% single source farmstead goat milk and pure Canadian cranberries. It’s a surprisingly irresistible combination that puts a spin on the average Harvarti blend.

With a smooth goat cheese flavour and rich cranberry taste, your tastebuds will thank you!

Caramelized Onion Cheddar (H)

Made with 100% single source farmstead goat milk, this classic cheddar goat cheese is blended with a tantalizing blend of onion creating an eye-catching marble appearance.

However, the real takeaway is flavour! The soft caramelized onion taste makes this cheese the champion for BBQ season.

Smokin’ Goat (I)

Infused with Applewood smoked, this aged cheddar goat cheese is made with 100% farmstead goat’s milk.

With a savoury taste that will leave you wanting more, it’s perfect atop grilled vegetables or as an added addition to your charcuterie board!

Asiago (J)

Made with 100% single sourced farmstead goat’s milk, the Asiago Goat Cheese is rich with flavour as it is with heritage. With a nuttier and creamier taste than the average parmesan, this full-of-flavour goat cheese can be grated onto your favourite pasta dish! This cheese is a great alternative for regular cheese from cow’s milk.

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