Tomme au Cidre de Pommes


Wine soaked dairy cow’s milk semi soft cheese

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Matured for three months, this semi-soft, washed rind cheese is made from pasteurized milk. It is turned over and rubbed frequently with a brine based on apple cider from the Michel Jodoin cider house in Rougemont. It therefore offers slightly fruity notes and this delicacy does not conflict with the delicious and frank taste of the cheese. This tomme goes perfectly with a good cider or a light beer. The perfect product for weekend picnics.

It is the pooling of tasty local apples, Quebec milk, ripening long enough to allow the flavors to develop, the know-how of Fritz Kaiser  and the desire to innovate of Jean-Philippe Gosselin at Les Dépendances  which allowed the production of this wonderful cheese.

200 portions.

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