Raw Lobster Tails – Shelled and Flash Frozen


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Raw Lobster Tails – Shelled and Flash Frozen

If lobster is not synonymous with luxury, we don’t know what is! Now you can savor a buttery, glamorous lobster tail dinner right at home, just reaching into your freezer. And the best part? No need to deal with transporting a live animal or submerging it in a pot of boiling water! We, or rather Rougie of Canada, has done the work for you.

Our premium Lobster Tails are raw, shelled and flash-frozen to preserve the flavor and wonderful texture of lobster. Rougie harvests these lobsters in North American waters during the fall and spring season and selects them carefully for size and quality. The raw meat is detached using a special process that preserves the tail’s shape, and because it’s immediately flash-frozen after harvest, it’s as good as freshly caught. The tails are already deveined, and they’re vacuum-packed in special bags that are suitable for boiling, so make sure you have that boiling pot ready! It’s also suitable for sous vide – yum.

Each tail is about 3.2oz., and they take the guesswork on how to cook lobster tails. Just pick your favorite lobster tail recipe and go for it. You can even savor these on the grill for a decadent grilled lobster tail (just remove the packaging first). Broil it or bake it, and pair with it one of our fabulous Wagyu beef steaks for the ultimate surf and turf, right at home. If you want to go even more luxurious, pair with a slice of foie gras for a decadent foie and lobster dish. Top it with caviar and enjoy a sumptuously luxe meal that’s incredibly easy to cook. Our lobster tails are on sale online, and arrive to your doorstep in special packaging.

1/pkg- sold individually

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