Jewels Under The Kilt – Nuts

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What makes a great Nut?

A great roasted nut is one in which the integrity of the nut is kept while infusing flavours like cinnamon, chipotle, chocolate and maple.

All our nuts are roasted with care and pride.

Oh and no squirrels were harmed in the making of our nuts.


Their Story…

My husband and I moved to Fergus Ontario in 2010 to a 90 plus acre farm. We made an agreement that I would not work for two years and focus on the farm. During that time I got to go back to what I enjoy, cooking using fresh and local ingredients. It was during this time that the recipes for the maple roasted nuts was conceived. We came upon a local nursery, Green Barn, that specialized in trees that were adapted to our climate. So my husband and I with the help of the local nursery planted 100+ trees. We chose to plant a variety of fruit and nut trees and each year we will continue to add to the orchard

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