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Montaneros Coffee Journey & Tasting




I am Wilmer Hernandez founder of Montañeros Coffee. For me coffee is more than a business is
a lifestyle. I will be happy to take with you a journey through the magic of specialty coffee.

On this journey we will delight our palates with the best coffee in the world.
We will explore about:
1. History, culture, and coffee consumption
 Coffee History.
 Colombian coffee Culture.
 Why is Colombian Coffee considered the best in the world?
 4 wave of coffee consumption in the world.
2. Learning about Specialty Coffee
 Micro-lots – Direct Trade (Ethical)
 Sustainable (biodiversity)
 Organic production (healthy)
 New process (Deliciuos coffee)
3. Coffee Cupping
 Discover different fragrances, aromas and flavours in a basic coffee tasting.
 We will have the chance to tasting 5 Coffee varietals and feel the differences.

4. Coffee Brewing
Learning three different coffee methods.
 V60
 Aeropress
 French press

All participants will receive a coffee set of (3 single-origin coffee varietals of 227 g each one) in a
luxury box.

Duration 45 mns



Social media: @greenerfarmsyqg


Date & Time

Sat March 4th 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am


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