Lancashire Creamy Cinnamon


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Unique and surprising, while at the same time warmly familiar, Coombe Castle’s Creamy Cinnamon cheese appeals to a wide range of new and old cheese lovers. Blended with cinnamon, apple and raisins, combined with a crumbly yet firm cheddar! A tasty delight.

Application: Often used as a dessert cheese, Coombe Castle Creamy Cinnamon is also wonderful when melted on toast or bagels, baked into Danishes, crumbled in salads, melted on chicken or simply served on a cheese tray at any time of day.  Creamy Cinnamon is made with microbial rennet, so it is also suitable for vegetarians.

Pairing:  If served prior to dinner, German Riesling would make a great pairing.  Served as a desert cheese, a sweet wine like Sauternes or a Hungarian Tokaji would be sublime.

size: 200g wedge



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