Highland Blue


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Made with raw ewe’s milk
Semi-firm, unpressed
Blue mold cheese with natural rind

Please note – Every wheel of Back Forty cheese is carefully crafted, cut and packaged by hand. As a result each wedge will slightly vary in size and weight.

Named for their beautiful Lanark Highlands and the many Scots who settled in this area. Highland Blue is a tangy and rich blue cheese with a natural rind and delicate overtones of blue mold combined with butter and mushroom. The Highland Blue is a Royal Winter Fair ribbon winner!

TASTING NOTES: Fine blue-green veins throughout a moist cohesive, old-ivory coloured paste. Aromas are of damp slate and herbs (sage, marjoram). The cheese is full-flavoured, earthy and savoury with less salt and acidity than many blues.

WINE: Late harvest Riesling or Vidal, Tawny Port
BEER: Oatmeal Stout
OTHER: Ice-cider (Quebec or Prince Edward County)

Back Forty’s tasting notes and beverages suggestions are provided by Julia Rogers of Cheese Culture. Julia Rogers is a Toronto-based cheese educator, writer and event co-coordinator. Her website lists other recommended cheese and beverage pairs, and her e-newsletter is a source of news, lore and bite-sized reviews.

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