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Floramère is a family owned and operated flower farm that is passionate about cultivating and sharing natural beauty!

Specializing in wedding florals and event design, Floramère strives to create lush, textural arrangements that reflect the beauty of the season. Our flowers are grown from the finest seed, bulb or rootstock using sustainable farming practices and hand selected at the peak of their freshness.

Our studio and cutting garden are located in the picturesque countryside of Ruthven, Ontario.

Much like cooking, arranging flowers starts with an assembling of the freshest, highest quality ingredients. We believe flowers are even more beautiful if you know where they came from and how they were grown.

The local flower movement, much like the local food movement, encourages consumers to question the origins and impact of the flowers they purchase. For an an in-depth look at the commercial cut flower industry, Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart is a must read. While Jennie Love of Love’n Fresh Flowers offers a heartfelt piece on the importance of local flowers in her Manifesto for a Better Bouquet.

1 review for Seasonal Bouquets + Floramère Flowers

  1. Beautiful flowers, creative bouquets that provide much happiness over the week.

    Sharon Thorpe (verified owner)

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