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Our ALL NATURAL Cold Brew coffee bottles come in two different styles:

  • Rich Dark Chocolate (*)

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate (**)

Nutrition Facts (per 12oz bottle):

3 Calories, 0g Sugars & up to 150mg caffeine.

Cold Brew Coffee is the result of steeping coffee at cool temperatures, similar to tea. This process allows us to naturally extract the flavours of the coffee, leaving behind all the bitter acids and oils that are attached from the regular hot brewing process. As time replaces heat it produces a smoother, less acidic and highly caffeinated beverage for you to enjoy!

Be free to consume your cold brew the way you want (by adding ice, dairy/non-dairy, or mixing with your favorite alcoholic liquor), but we warn you in advance to please “control your dose!”.

*Natural tasting notes of coffee bean – Rich/Smooth/Dark Chocolate

** Added natural peanut butter flavouring (Please be cautious if you have a peanut allergy)


Originated inside Craft Heads Brewing Company (YES a Brewery!) we used this idea as a start up concept to provide more than just craft beer for our customers. With our previous backgrounds in engineering and teaching, our vision was to help educate and exhibit how the methods behind brewing craft beer and extracting coffee are comparable to one another.

Our passion in brewing coffee was influenced from travelling abroad and living in the city of Melbourne, Australia – known as one of the biggest “Coffee Capital’s of the World!”. Whilst educating there for a period, we quickly fell into the new wave of specialty coffee as it is such an integral part of Melbourne’s lifestyle and culture. The time spent travelling various parts of the world only opened our eyes to innovative ideas and eventually brought us back to focus independently on what we loved the most. Finding a passion behind the art & cultural lifestyle we experienced, our vision was to carry this concept back to our home town and to share it with the people and visitors across Windsor Essex County.

30mL COFFEE CO. (est. 2017) is a small business brand and coffee provider born and raised in Windsor, ON. Our name (30mL) derives from the guidelines of achieving the “golden ratio” or “perfect shot” of coffee while scientifically studying its behaviour. We are beyond excited to be sharing our passion of coffee along with you, our wonderful customers! Raise your cups to a higher standard – to controlled brewing and a better lifestyle!

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