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Matured for at least 60 days, this semi-soft, blue-veined cheese is made from pasteurized whole milk. This blue cheese, with its mild taste and aromas of mushroom and cream, is well suited to those who want to learn about this type of product. Its texture is unctuous and slightly marbled with blue veins, leaving a subtle and pleasantly spicy flavor in the mouth. Excellent in sauce, whether for your favorite pasta or to accompany a trout fillet.

The grounds of the Maison d’affinage Maurice Dufour are enchanting places that have inspired many artists. Some works have even been specially dedicated to the illustration of certain Migneron Family cheeses. Such is the case of the work by Guy Paquet produced in the year 2000, entitled Un ciel de Charlevoix , a work linked to Le Ciel de Charlevoix cheese.

Wedge: 200g



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