Bothwell Horseradish Cheddar


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Skillfully blended, this cheese balances the biting pungency of horseradish with the smooth taste of white cheddar for a naturally potent and distinctive flavour. 170g


Bothwell Cheese’ spicy Horseradish Cheddar is famous for leaving taste buds tingling. You’re going to want to cool off the palette with a nice frothy cream ale or lager.

5 reviews for Bothwell Horseradish Cheddar

  1. i love this cheese! great in a bechamel sauce.. sorry iI have not bee n able to find it in a while!


    • We are sad to say that this cheese has been discontinued 🙁

      Sarah Barrette

  2. Oh no! Please bring it back!!!


    • Wish we had that much pull 😉

      Sarah Barrette

  3. Excellent cheesr. Why discontinue it?

    Pete Martin

    • great questions! we have no idea 🙁

      Sarah Barrette

  4. Disappointed it is discontinued. Great cheese


  5. I loved this cheese…please bring it back 🙏

    Susan Benner

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